"I get by with a little help from my friends"

Faith in humanity was restored in the Hudson Valley. Those who help out animals in need are my favorite kind of people.

More than ever, we're busy getting to work, running errands or on a tight schedule but sometimes we get stopped in our tracks for the better.

If there was an animal in need, what would you do? Hudson Valley residents came together to assist a furry wildlife friend when it needed help.

Baby Opossom Reunites With Mom From Car In The Hudson Valley

Canva, Instagram, HUDSY
Canva, Instagram, HUDSY

When was the last time that you saw an opossom? Honestly, they are one of my favorite wildlife friends. Opossoms are gentle creatures who eat ticks, keep to themselves and are overall, adorable.

If I could, I would make one of these cuties a pet of my own but I don't know how my cats would like that. I have noticed more videos on social media of skunks, opossoms, raccoons and other wildlife animals as indoor pets/companions.

A baby opossom rescued its mom from a car in the Hudson Valley but how it happened is the best part of the story.

HUDSY TV's Apprentices Assisted Opossoms In Need In The Hudson Valley

Canva, Instagram, HUDSY
Canva, Instagram, HUDSY

Hudsy TV has not only made a name for themselves after assisting wildlife in the Hudson Valley but also in the community as well.

"HUDSY is a community-inspired platform with a mission to bring our region closer together online and in-person through the power of storytelling - fostering connection in innovative, collaborative, and unique ways in order to counteract the disconnection rampant in this digital world."

HUDSY TV brings the community together online and in person. HUDSY creates films and videos that tell a story of diversity and history in the Hudson Valley. In person, HUDSY has movie premieres and local events to celebrate film, music, community and connection in the Hudson Valley.

The HUDSY TV app allows those who are interested to browse their original films, series, documentaries, channels and events. HUDSY's apprentices have picked up a new role with more than just hands on with their equipment.

Take A Look As HUDSY's Team Restores Faith In Humanity

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On Instagram, HUDSY posted pictures and videos of their encounter with a baby and mom opossom. To see the videos, click on the Instagram post and swipe.

"Cute story alert! At HUDSY, our apprenticeships are 90% learning and working and 10% saving wild animals... just kidding... well, maybe not after this week's events!"


"Our team encountered an opossum family living in a truck outside our Kingston office. There was a wayward baby opossum who needed help reuniting with its mama. The little one was desperately trying to climb up to her tail but lacked the strength. Acting quickly, our team placed a brick under the truck to provide assistance."


"The next day, one of our team members witnessed the baby opossum using the brick as a stepping stone to reach its mama! HUDSY to the rescue!"


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The Hudson Valley Reacts To HUDSY Saving The Day In Kingston, NY

Canva, Instagram, HUDSY
Canva, Instagram, HUDSY

Those who follow HUDSY left comments on this heart warming post and shared their reactions.

"Always giving the people the content they want and need "


"Job well done!"


"This is adorable "


"I love love love this!!!! ♥️"


"These guys are so beneficial. Thank you."

It was the efforts of the apprentices from HUDSY that reminded the world to slow down, be compassionate and a reminder that small acts of kindness really do matter. Let's continue to spread kindness as HUDSY's apprentices did so effortlessly.

Have you ever helped an animal in need? Let us know below, happy rescuing :)

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