We all know how important our medical personnel are to us each and every day, but during this COVID-19 crisis, they have gone above and beyond.

Unfortunately, many of those who are trying to help us are running out of critical equipment that's needed to keep them safe.

One of the items that is becoming more and more difficult to find is protective face masks, and that has one Connecticut doctor doing more than saving patients' lives. He's now working overtime to keep everyone in the medical profession a little safer.

According to nbcconnecticut.com, Dr. Chris Wiles started 3D printing as a hobby, but when the coronavirus crisis hit and the supply of face masks starting running low, he started thinking how his hobby could actual be put to good use by making 3D printed face masks.

Once the CDC relaxed their guidelines for face masks during the pandemic, it made it possible to actually use 3D printed masks, and Dr. Wiles decided to share his blueprint online in a YouTube video.

Since the video hit, it's been seen by thousands and now Hartford Hospital, UConn Health, and St. Francis Hospital have begun setting up 3D printers to start manufacturing Dr. Wiles masks.

Dr. Wiles also believes they will be close to the N-95 mask's that have been running in short supply.

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