The Associated Press reports that Police in Ohio are telling New York residents to be on alert for a man who allegedly committed a random gruesome murder in Ohio, and posted the video of it on Facebook just afterward. According to Fox 5 New York, he may be heading Eastbound from Ohio to New York. The suspect is 37 year old Steve Stephens, wanted for the alleged aggravated murder in the death of Robert Goodwin Senior, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ohio Police issued the same warning to residents of Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan earlier this morning.

The shaky video is difficult to watch as the victim is just walking carrying a plastic shopping bag. The alleged gunman says the name of a woman whom the 74 year old victim does not know, then guards his face from the gun. The video was posted on Facebook for a little more than a couple hours before it was removed.

Here's the video from Fox 5 New York

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