If you have a pet, keeping them healthy is always a top concern. Spring is finally here and with the warmer weather there are lots of things to remember regarding the safety of your furry friends.

One of the things that is sometimes overlooked is the beautiful Lily. While the flower itself represents many good things, like Easter, rebirth and spring, they can be deadly to your pet.

If you google "plants that are poisonous to your pet," it seems as though every plant holds some kind of toxicity if consumed. The list contains many popular house and garden plants. Some may be poisonous to cats but dogs have a higher tolerance and vice versa. The PetPoisonHelpline.com has listed the top plants that are toxic to pets as:

  1. Autumn Crocus
  2. Azelea
  3. Cyclemen
  4. Kalanchoe
  5. Lilies
  6. Hyacinths
  7. Oleander
  8. Dieffenbachia
  9. Daffodils
  10. Lily of the Valley
  11. Sago Palm
  12. Tulips

If you share your home with a cat or dog, make sure that these plants are out of their reach. Click here for a complete list of poisons from the Pet Poison Helpline.

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