Big news came via social media this week for fans of dirt track racing in the Hudson Valley. When the 2022 season wrapped up in Middletown, New York at the Orange County Fair Speedway the 2023 season seemed to be up in the air.

This week (January 16, 2023) the Orange County Fair Speedway (OCFS) officially posted on its social media and official website that the 2023 season will be happening. The schedule for events is due out soon.

Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, New York 2023 Racing Schedule


When the racing season wrapped up last year it wasn't clear what the future held for the Orange County Fair Speedway or the fairgrounds it sits on at Carpenter Ave in Middletown. There had been talking off the record and rumors circulating that the property was for sale and that it had actually been sold.

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For sale or sold either way it appears, we will be getting at least one more year of dirt track excitement on Saturday nights in the Hudson Valley. The OCFS has been a functioning dirt track now for over a century. It actually started as a horse track and was later converted to race cars.

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There is no official word on the actual opening weekend for 2023 but that announcement is expected to be made in the upcoming weeks. Typically the track is open by the middle of April.  You can check in on the OCFS official website for updates you can also check in on their social media for developing news.

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Get ready to get dusty and excited for another season of racing at the oldest continually running race track in the United States. Hope to see you all racing in April.

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Inside Arena Concert Venue at Orange County Fairgrounds

Most of us are used to seeing concerts at the Orange County Fair Grounds outside on the track but did you know they have a great indoor space as well? I was just there for Scotty McCreery's Same Truck Tour so I thought I would snap a few pictures so you can check the place out.

Brandon Walters' Crash at OCFS

Brandon Walters was lucky to not be seriously hurt Saturday night when his race car wreck at the Orange County Fair Speedway. It was a rare sight to see a car tumble three times and then end up outside the track after going over and through a fence while getting tangled up in the telephone and electric wires but fortunately everyone including Brandon walked away.

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