So you are getting ready to sell your house here in the Hudson Valley or in New York State, do you need to tell potential buyers (do you need to disclose) if you think that there is 'someone else living with you' of the paranormal persuasion?

According to a press release, you do not have to tell a buyer in New York State about a house being haunted before you sell it to them. Only 4 states actually have laws on the books about this, btw.  Those states are New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Minnesota.

Does New York State legally require you to say something about whether or not you think your house is haunted? No. However (you knew that was coming, right?) They will rescind the sale of the home, if you, the seller, knowingly "creates and perpetuates a reputation that the house is haunted and then takes unfair advantage of a buyer's ignorance of the home's ghostly reputation." This is called the Ghostbusters Ruling.

Do you believe that a house can be haunted? Does the word haunted cover all paranormal activity or just the type with negative energy? Do you think that you could bring someone in, maybe sage the house or hold a seance and that you could ask the spirits to leave and they will?

Read more about the house currently for sale in Nyack that was the home behind the Ghostbusters Ruling.

Beautiful Home or Haunted Headache? You decide.

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