When you think of Connecticut seafood destinations, you think shoreline, right? Lenny & Joe's, Abbott's, etc. Waterbury doesn't exactly leap to the forefront in anyone's mind.

Don't get me wrong, we've definitely had some good ones over the years: The Seafood Peddler, Phil's Steak & Lobster, I'll even throw The Clam Digger, Long John Silver's and my beloved Frankie's into the mix.

I had to go to Lenscrafters in the Brass Mill Center Mall the other day, and they're in the part where Macy's is and where Bertucci's was. As I was walking in, I saw the familiar signs of progress on a dead space happening.

Contractors, work vans, sawdust and grout were all around the entrance to the former Bertucci's entrance. I glanced up and saw a black banner with a familiar little red symbol in the mix:

Photo by Large "Dungeoness" Dave

A CRAB? Seafood and Grill? Oh man, I'm in.

I did some research, and The Boilery is a New York City-based Seafood Restaurant, with locations on the Upper West Side, Chelsea, Midtown, and the East Village in Manhattan. They also promote franchises opening soon in Las Vegas, aaaaaand --Waterbury, Connecticut.

I picked up the phone and called the Upper West Side location this morning to see if I could get someone to give us a more concrete opening date. The gentlemen that I spoke with was very gracious and told me that they're truly at the mercy of the construction crews and other red tape at this point. He would only say that "It's coming soon."

Getty Images
Getty Images

I'd really love to see the market research that led these guys to Waterbury. You never see it mentioned in the same breath as New York City and Las Vegas, unless it's something like "Las Vegas PD arrested a Waterbury man today."

I took a look at the Brass Mill Center website and all that they have publicly announced in a generic post is that The Boilery is coming soon and to check back.

Oh, I will, Brass Mill Center, with visions of Old Bay-dusted Maryland Blues and freshly-boiled Alaskan King Crab legs with the stench of Sig Hansen's boat, in my head.

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