We New Yorkers must be having a blast because a new list says we are.

Supposedly, New York is a lot more fun than lots of other states in the nation. We’ve got lots of great country shows including Taste of Country, at Hunter Mountain June 8th through 10th, and lots of water parks, beach and lake access, casinos, and of course being the state with the greatest city in the world, New York City. With all that in mind , it's no wonder New York made it to #2 on Wallethub's rankings of the most fun states. Number one on the list is California. Connecticut clocked in at number 38.

Wallethub graded each state with indicators of fun things people like that won’t cost much. They include everything from movie costs to access to national parks and amount of casinos per person. As far as Performing Arts Theaters we were tied at number one with California.

To see Wallethub's full rankings of the most fun states, click here.

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