Great news for coffee lovers and all of us that want to do the right thing for the environment while enjoying coffee: Dunkin' Donuts is going green. Dunkin' announced that by 2020, they will no longer be using polystyrene foam cups. Instead, they'll use a double-walled paper cup.

In a statement Dunkin’s Corporate Headquarters made this official by saying:

this is just another part of our commitment to eliminate artificial dyes from menus, to build new, more energy-efficient restaurants, and partner with the Rainforest Alliance to source certified coffee.

[The new cups will be] more sustainable, while still keeping your beverages hot and your hands cool. By mid-2020, all DD US restaurants will be serving hot coffee in our new double-walled paper cup.

I think we should all be happy that New York and Connecticut Dunkin’ Donuts is moving forward with this green initiative while still serving great coffee!

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