For 30 years, Officer Philip Roselle was a member of the Norwalk Police Department. Last September, he was accidentally shot by another officer at a shooting range. The accident caused permanent nerve damage in his right hand which makes him unable to continue on the force. But even worse than that, he is fighting for his life.

A GoFundMe page set up to help him and his family through the financial difficulties that they are facing tells a very concerning story. Officer Roselle was diagnosed with diabetes at age 19. Last year's accident caused his kidneys to shut down. He has been receiving dialysis three times a week.

Officer Roselle has had several medical setbacks since the accident and is not healthy enough to go through the life saving surgery. The Roselle family is facing some very tough times as they wait for his health to improve so that he can be considered for a kidney transplant. This has been financially devastating to him, his wife and two young sons since his accumulated personal time off has been depleted.

Would you like to help? Click here for Officer Roselle's GoFundMe page.

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