Such sad news to report, as a local birthday celebration ended in the most tragic way on Sunday night. reports that 32-year-old Michelet Mongerand of Norwalk was found at the bottom of a pool during a party given in his honorin Stamford. At about 7:00 pm on Sunday (June 24) his cousin saw the Haitian native at the bottom of the pool and pulled him out. He began CPR, and was able to get him breathing until the emergency medics arrived and transported him to Stamford Hospital.

When he arrived at the hospital, it appeared as though this story would have a happy ending, however, Mongerand's condition deteriorated, and he was soon pronounced dead.

About two dozen friends and family members had gathered for a party to celebrate Mongerand's birthday at a home on Greenfield Road. Reports from several attendees said that the Haitian immigrant did not appear to be intoxicated and that he was not even seen entering the pool.

An autopsy is being performed to determine the exact cause of death.

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