We’re happy for all of this year's Oscar nominees and winners, but critics say an important film that hits close to home for us should have been nominated for best documentary.

Newtown, a movie about the 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, has critics citing that it was largely overlooked in error, according to Newsweek. The documentary shows that many in these parts have a new sense of purpose, as filmmakers give us a view of three families that were directly affected by the event. It was recorded over a period of three years by the award-wining filmmaker Kim A. Snyder. Newsweek’s Stav Ziv says:

The movie deserves recognition not only because it is beautifully made but also because it is so vital.

In fact, Ziv included it in an article about which movies he thinks were great and should have been nominated by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences for an Academy Award. Find out all about the Newtown documentary in an article we published last year just before the film's release.

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