New Yorkers can't get out of the City fast enough, amidst the coronavirus storm.

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According to Hearst Connecticut Media, the United States Postal Service has fielded over 10,000 requests for an address change from New Yorkers to a Connecticut zip code. Last year at this time, there were only 1,900 requests.

I have a couple of friends in the real estate business, and they tell me that New York City residents are buying up Connecticut homes as they've never seen before. The reason is the coronavirus pandemic. 200,000 New York residents have fallen sick, and 17,000 have died due to the virus, and they want out.

When the pandemic shifted into overdrive, my real estate agent buddies thought that the market was going to dry up, and their careers were going to be history. Now, they're fielding calls 24/7 from New York City and Westchester County residents looking for property in Connecticut.

Most real estate inquiries are for properties in southern Fairfield County, but some city dwellers are looking at properties as far north as Litchfield County. Flatrate Moving, based in NYC, has seen a 74% increase in moves from New York to Connecticut between March 15 and April 28.


I've begun the research for a blog I'm writing on vacation rentals available around the Candlewood Lake area, and I've noticed that many of those rentals, especially the lakefront properties, are being snapped up quickly. Some are going for between $2,000 to $4,000 a week!

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