In what I think is one of the most incredible sporting feats ever, not only did a New York man bowl a full game in World Record time, he bowled a perfect game.

His name is Ben Ketola and he's from upstate, New York and on April 5th he bowled a perfect 300 game in just 86.9 seconds.

According to, Ken also works at the 281 Bowl in Cortland, and actually bowls there a lot, up to 50 games a week between the leagues he's in and practice. Ken is actually a very good bowler to begin with maintaining a 225 average.

So how and why did he try this unusual feat ? Apparently he was inspired by a 2015 video posted by pro bowler Tom Dougherty. In the video, Dougherty bowled his 12 strikes over 12 lanes and was credited with the world's fastest 300 game. It took Dougherty 1 minute, 50.99 seconds to accomplish it.

One day while practicing Ken said he wanted to try and see if he could give the 300 game record a shot. He attempted it a few times in early April, but fell short. His best effort was 7 in a row and 11 strikes out of 12 in one minute and 35 seconds. Not bad, but not enough to set the record. To set the unofficial record he would have to do a little better and be perfect. (There is actually no official speed category in the United States Bowling Congress' record books).

Then on April 5th, after his shift, he tried it again. A friend used his cell phone to video the attempt and captured history.

In case you were wondering, Ken didn't see most of his strikes because he was busy running between lanes, but he did catch the last one.

What's next for this new record holder, Ken say's next time he wants to go from strikes to spares. He's looking to set up each lane with a different amount of pins, and try to knock them all down, of course in record time.


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