Is mom being unfair to her mother-in-law?

Having and raising children is hard enough and when parents are involved in family drama, things can get even harder. That's what one Newburgh mom is dealing with and she's looking for little advice from the Hudson Valley when it comes to posting pictures of her infant daughter.

Here is the situation

Hey guys I was hoping you might be able to talk about this n the air and see what other families would do if they were in my shoes. I had my first child about 6 months ago and while I was pregnant my husband and I decided that once "Levy" arrived we weren't going to post any pictures of her online. Instead of posting, we told the family that we would send them pictures privately and asked them to not share any of them online. Not in a million years did I think this request would cause what I'm going through today. Last weekend I was on Instagram and came across a cousin's page and saw pictures of my daughter. My jaw dropped and once I picked it up I sent her a DM asking where she got the pictures and she told me that my MIL shared them on her page. I went to my MIL page and there they were! I called my MIL to ask her why she ignored our request and at first, she blamed it on not grasping how sharing pictures worked online but as we talked she started to get really aggressive saying that I was being a drama queen in making such a big deal about this and she just wants to show off her granddaughter. HOW DARE YOU! A drama queen why couldn't she just follow our request to keep the pictures private? Am I being a jerk for asking her not to post the pictures publicly?

It's amazing to me how much drama social media causes in some people's lives. Sometimes I hate it, but in this case, I'm split. I understand what mom is saying but I also understand that her mother-in-law is just sharing because she's a proud grandma. Tough spot to call!! So...

What do you guys think, is mom being a jerk for banning her family from posting pictures? Any moms reading this that have asked their family to not post pictures? If you were in this situation, how would you handle it? Call or text us through the Wolf country app.

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