The New Milford Police Department is requesting the public's help in two different situations that occurred in the town.

According to police, a van in the Dollar Tree parking lot located at 168 Danbury Road is being investigated after evading a crash that occurred.

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The van is described as a painter style E350 with red and black paint on the passenger side of the vehicle with moderate to heavy front end damage. The van has an out-of-state registration with a possible Florida license plate starting with GBD. Here is a photo of what the van looked like:

New Milford Police Department
New Milford Police Department

Anyone who witnessed the accident or has any information regarding it is being asked to contact Officer Deitz at 860-355-3133 or email

New Milford Police have another incident they are looking to the public for help for.

A female (pictured below) was caught damaging flowers outside of Ruth Chase Flowers located at 19 Church Street in New Milford.

New Milford Police Department
New Milford Police Department

Why are we damaging flowers outside of a flower shop? That's not cool at all. Well, you will get caught on camera. We do know that much. Anyone with information they can provide is being asked to also contact Officer Deitz at 860-355-3133.

Long story short, if you're going to commit a crime, you're going to be caught on camera. And the public is very good at finding things out, so you will get caught.

I'm hoping the public comes through and helps the New Milford Police solve these two incidents.

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