It's always cool to see the town you live in a movie, and yet again New Milford, your opportunity to say "That's my car!" is coming up.

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Almost a year ago to the day, we told you about New Milford being chosen as the filming location for the filming of an inspirational Christmas movie called The Thursday Night Club. According to the description of the film on IMDB, the film "Will brighten and illuminate your Christmas celebration". According to the synopsis, it's the story of how a dinner with very special man inspires 5 best friends to spread the spirit of the season through charitable projects.  Here's the trailer, featuring a cameo by Billy Mo himself -

It's great to see the gazebo in the opening shot, and all of the flyovers of town too. Well, after post-production, the release date has been announced - November 15, 2022. It must have been wonderful to run into the cast and crew while they were filming, Gloria Gaynor, wow, it must have been a thrill for the extras. The Harden House Museum at Harrybrooke Park awed the producers, so keep an eye out for the waterfall in the movie.

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