My family and I love the downtown Bethel area. There is some great shopping (you can usually find me at the Gift Cottage or the Toy Room) and it always smells wonderful, because there are some really great places to dine.

Some of our go-to places for takeout are Biksbees (they do have tables available, if you want to eat there) and Bethel Pizza House. For sit down dining, we like Greenwood's Grille and Ale House (especially when the weather warms up and we can sit outside) and the Sycamore for the burgers and homemade root beer.

Recently, there have been new restaurants opening up in town, and adding themselves to the delicious Bethel restaurant lineup. These new restaurants include Sprouts (Vietnamese), Copas Restaurant and Bar (Latin Continental Cuisine), and Sweet n' Salado (Latin American).

We have not been able to try all three of these new eateries yet, but this past Saturday we decided to give Sweet n' Salado a try. Glad we did! The portions were a good size, but not too big, and there are things for both adults and kids. Plus, the prices are reasonable.

I had the California Style Burrito, and that will probably be what I order anytime we go there. They put the fries on the burrito! My husband got the Mission Style, and he was happy with his burrito too. You get to choose how spicy you want it, and what meat you would like in the burrito. The empanadas were good too.

Mission Style Burrito / Photo Credit: Liz Kaye
Mission Style Burrito / Photo Credit: Liz Kaye

Not only do they have burritos, but they have things like a roasted chicken dinner, mac and cheese, salads, soups, sandwiches, and desserts. For more details, you can check their menu online.

We'll have to try the other two restaurants soon. It's always nice to have a wide variety of flavors to choose from. I have to say, Bethel has some fantastic restaurant selections!

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