I wrote up an article about it, and through research, community feedback, and an in-studio interview with the man who created the video, I learned that these houses on the grounds of the Southbury Training School were maintained by the State of Connecticut, and at one point in time, were used for staff and residents of the school until cutbacks took place, shuttering the homes.

Since the initial video was shot about a year ago, a lot has happened and it’s not good.

In the latest YouTube video from Themightymoze, many of the homes appear to have been vandalized, and it looks as though the state has not been maintaining the neighborhood as they were doing a year ago, if at all.

Some of the homes have had their aluminum siding stripped off -- presumably stolen and sold as scrap metal. Other homes have had their large picture windows shattered by vandals. Some of them seem like they are still in decent condition, but the foliage may end up taking over the property, as it would appear that the lawns, shrubs and trees are not being maintained any more. We can only hope that this neighborhood will not go completely to waste.

What do you think needs to happen on these grounds at the Southbury Training School? Here's the latest view.

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