If you had to drive anywhere near downtown Naugatuck this weekend, you probably were caught in traffic, and you smelled it. The aroma of spiced meats roasting on spits, roasted chicken, and smoky cooking oil trails. It was a Food Truck Festival at the Naugatuck Event Center, and damn, it showed that they're pretty popular.

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From the reviews that I've seen on social media, it was not fun for a lot of people. They expected 30,000 people over the weekend. I saw huge lines as we passed by, and like everything now - it's expensive for food. I think a lot of people who have never been to these types of events imagine that it's going to be sampling Heaven, where people throw sausages and curly fries into your mouth as you waltz by. No, everything costs way more money than it did 6 months ago. You pay for everything that you eat, not included with ticket price. Maybe the organizers will throw you a free drink or one sandwich as a gimmick for a pre-sale, but ultimately, everything is monetized.

The next couple of food trucks events around Connecticut are happening pretty soon. There are events scheduled in Milford, Ledyard, Hartford, Shelton, North Haven, and Orange over the next 6 to 8 weeks.

For everyday, I suggest you take the trip down to Long Wharf in New Haven, and graze among the trucks lined up in a beautiful row. Or for something different in Waterbury, besides The Almighty Los Garcia, Mrs. Large stopped at La Jarocha, who are set up at the Shell at the corner of West Main and Thomaston Ave in Waterbury. Very good!

Photo by Mrs. Large
Photo by Mrs. Large

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