Can I even say the words Super Bowl? Or do I have to call it the Big Game? We all know what I'm talking about no matter how it's billed. It's an unofficial National Holiday, the day where men and women eat our faces off, scream at the tv, and collapse on the couch in a big heap.

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We don't have the Patriots in the bowl this year, but we still got Tom Brady, and last year's defending champs the Kansas City Chiefs. While Connecticut still doesn't have sports betting, lots of people will get together, place some bets, and eat some serious food while watching the Buccaneers or the Chiefs pull it off. The best thing about Super Bowl Sunday is always the food, so I want to present to you my fantasy team of the best local places around Connecticut to get your Super Bowl snacks at, you can't go wrong with any of these picks.

Your 2021 Connecticut Super Bowl Snack All Stars

Those are my best suggestions for some of our favorite Super Bowl snacks, I thought about what I've loved to eat in the past, and some of my favorite finger foods in this list, where are some of your favorite places to pick up your fix?

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