I've reached the age that I'm starting to pay attention to those damn Prolia tv commercials, you know, the bone health medication? The commercials show people near my age in everyday situations where an unexpected obstacle appears and the video cutaway implies that the actor was about to fall and break a bone. Ugh.

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I am absolutely petrified of walking on ice. I took a bad spill back in the 90's after I slipped on ice, and I tore my ACL in my right knee. Since then, I'm the 400 pound baby stepping over any surface that appears slick. But I found a cheap hack that cost me $20, and it's alleviated my fear pretty much.

With this massive ice storm threatening to blanket us in a nice crust of frozen here in Connecticut today, and you're stuck on the couch watching your neighbor try not to bust his ass, fire up Amazon and but yourself a pair of Stabilicers.

My $20 Hack To Beat Connecticut Ice Storms

I'm so paranoid about walking on ice and snow. I found a way to alleviate that fear, and it only cost $20 Are you afraid of slipping on the ice? Buy these.

I've been ice-slip and fall free for over a decade now thanks to these wonderful little inventions. If you're as cautious as I am now around the slippery, there's my little $20 life hack for you to make these Connecticut ice storms and winter weather a little more safe and easy for you. Now if they only made a set of 4 tire-sized versions of these, I maybe could get the Subaru home later. Stay safe in this ice storm.

Some of the Best Snow Tubing in CT, MA, and New York.

Have You Noticed Boiled Seafood Joints Are Invading Connecticut?

If you can afford $50 a pound King Crab legs, it's a good time to live in Connecticut, seafood boil restaurants are popping up everywhere.

Danbury Fair Mall's Newest Addition Makes Cold Weather Golf a Reality

Golf Lounge 18 is the newest edition to the Danbury Fair. Located on the mall’s first floor, GL18 describes their setup as a “state-of-the-art facility to golf with friends and family.” It’s not a place you are likely to get bored of either because the Trackman 4 golf tech allows you to play on over 65 virtual golf courses from all around the world. 


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