It is that time of the week again where we know the weekend is just about upon us. Let's get into the proper frame of mind with a cat video.

There are not many creatures more adorable than a Munchkin cat. With their short little legs and wonderful dispositions, they quickly win the hearts of even the coldest hearts.

Happy Feline Friday! Let's get this party started. What do we need? Well, if it is a party, we need balloons. Check. It is August, so, how about water balloons? Check. Of course, since it is Feline Friday, we need a cat. Check. Because we mentioned Munchkin cats, let's get add one of those too. Check.

OK, my Fabulous Fellow Feline Friday Fanatics, here's a party. A Munchkin cat popping water balloons. What better way to start your weekend off? =^..^=

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