If you use your cellphone while you are driving, you may want to read this. Courant.com states that for the next two weeks a new program issued by the Department of Transportation called "U Drive. U Text. U Pay," will be enforced by more that 50 Connecticut Police Departments through August 16, 2017.

Troopers have responded to countless crashes caused by distracted drivers – some of which have ended in fatalities. The task of driving must have your full, undivided attention. Connecticut State Troopers urge you to put down the cellphone and do not pick it up before you arrive safely at your destination." -Col. Alaric J. Fox, commanding officer of the Connecticut State Police

This is the second leg of this program. The first crack-down came in April where Department of Transportation Spokesman, Aaron Swanson reported that cell phone use was down by 17%. A first offense is $150. If you get caught again it will cost you $300 and if you still cannot put your phone down and are busted a third time, you will be shelling out $500.


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