According to the NY Post strap-hangers bus riders and automobile commuters in New York could be looking at higher fares starting in March. The increases would be put in place to make up for the MTA's budget shortfalls. MTA board members will vote on the proposal to increase fares in January.

Talk about a foregone conclusion, book it, they are doing this. Why not leave you holding the bag because the MTA can't get their act together? Getting to and from work in the New York area is simply no fun. You are crawling over bridges and through tunnels, packed into train cars like circus animals or stuck on an overcrowded bus. Cherry on top, you get it to pay more for the pleasure to do so.

I have great empathy for you commuters, I just don't know how you do it. I mean, if I had a high paying job in N.Y.C. I could pull it together and grind it out each day, I think. What I know would send me over the edge is minding my own business on the subway and someone starts dancing or singing.

I'm just trying to get to work dude, I don't want to get kicked in the head because you are doing flips. Here is something else you might want to consider, I may not be a fan of hip-hop dance. Look at me! I have a captive audience and I'm gonna make the whole ride to work about ME! I can't stand that stuff. The solution is simple, if no one claps, they will never do it again, stick your hands in your pockets everyone.

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