Is there someone in your life who is a little stressed and could use the gift of relaxation? Just listen to my story.

I don't know if it's me (could be) but Mr Morning has really been on edge lately. I know it's tough breaking in a new morning radio co-host, not to mention dealing with me on a daily, but we had to find a way to calm him down.

I heard one of the Valentine's commercials for Dawn's Pizzazz in Danbury and their amazing messages, and it occurred to me that this might be the perfect remedy for Mr Morning.

It was like pulling teeth to get him to go to a spa, as you will see in this video, but I finally managed to get him there. Wait until you see the results, and the new, more relaxed Mr Morning.

If they can do what they did for him, you won't believe what they can do for your other half. Give the gift of relaxation this Valentine's Day.


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