Mr. Morning and I made a special trip. We schlepped to the city to see the Off--Broadway Play Not That Jewish. We’re a new morning team, so I thought this experience might help him get to know me better, as I am "somewhat Jewish." It turns out that, because of the universality of the show, its message reaches just about anyone from any background.

The writer and star of the show, Monica Piper, is the creative force that’s been in our lives, making us laugh for years. We just just didn’t know it was her writing those laughs. Her website, Not That Jewish, says that she’s written for shows such as Roseanne, Veronica’s Closet, Mad About You, Duckman, Rugrats for which she won an Emmy and others. She’s toured with comedy legends like Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Williams and many more. Monica was star of her own Ace Award-winning Showtime special, one of the network’s “Comedy All Stars”, nominated for an American Comedy Award, as well as named one of the “Top Five” female comedians in the country. Some think her entrée into the world of comedy began while studying improv with Second City in Chicago. We learn from Monica’s performance that funny runs in the family and her first comedic lessons came from her dad who was also a stand-up comedian.

This one-woman show gives you a glimpse inside her world, and a tour of her life. Not only is it super funny, it’s touching and meaningful. My mom’s family, like Monica’s hails from the Bronx, which was one of my reference points, but you don’t need to have a reference point to relate to this show. The humor and story telling get you to Lol, kvel, cheer, and almost shed a tear all in one show. (By the way, Kvel in Yiddish means to be delighted according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary). As she reveals some of the most tender moments in her life you are somehow still chuckling. It was a great team building outing for me and Mr. Morning!

Not that Jewish has been extended again, and is playing at the New World Stages on West 50th between 5th and 9th just off Times Square.

Find out what MAJOR sports legend she passed on spending the night with, in our special Kicks 105.5  interview with Monica.

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