Last night, like most of the country, I was spinning through the channels in between performances on the Global Citizen: One World Together show. It was nice to see so many entertainment and music industry artists sharing their talents in support of everyone fighting the pandemic. I took a spin through my Facebook feed and found something even more local in this same vein that I thought you should see.

New Milford Hospital shared a video on their Facebook page from Hollywood legend, and Sharon, CT resident Liam Neeson. Check it out:

It's so cool to hear one of the most famous voices in the world speak to the brave medical workers at Nuvance Health, praising them in that same voice that explained his "very particular set of skills."

The Northwest corner on Connecticut is beautiful, and it's very long been a homebase for some entertainment industry legends. Michael J Fox, Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick, Campbell Scott, Jane Curtain, and my personal favorite homeboy, Daryl Hall all have called our little slice of the world their own.

This was a very classy move Mr. Neeson, we're big fans of your too sir.

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