The movie is called Summerhouse and if you're looking for your big break or just something to do because why not add 'movie extra' to your life story then here you go.

One of the leads is English actor Malcolm McDowell who has a full resume of movies and television shows back to the 1970s. I recognize from the HBO series Entourage, the reboot of Fantasy Island as well as the TV shows Mozart in the Jungle and Franklin and Bash. And that doesn't even touch the surface of his career as I mentioned above. 

I love Malcolm, at least in the roles he's played. Wasn't he even in a couple of the Halloween movies too?

Anyway, Malcolm plays a belligerent, wealthy alcoholic according to the Daily Voice who is taken care of at his massive summer house by a young man played by a relative new comer Jacob Ward from the movie Somewhere in Queens. Jacob's character spends the summer at the lakeside mansion while waiting to be drafted into the Vietnam War, falling in love, and questioning his commitment to the country.

The movie is filming all over Fairfield County in Danbury, Meriden, New Have, Hartford, Bridgeport, and New London according to the Backstage website which has casting calls and hires extras for movies.

According to Backstage, they're looking for a variety of men and women of all ages and you'll get paid more than $200 a day. If you actually land a character extra you'll make between $1,000 and $1,200.
No word if you'll actually act with Malcom and the other stars or not. It really depends on the roll or rolls you land. Click here to apply.

11 Buys That Will Make Your Connecticut Yard the Summer Fun Zone

Summer is coming! If you're anything like me, you are willing to do what it takes to enjoy the summer without ever having to leave home. I started working on a project to make that happen and realized there are probably some others who would like to share my plan. Here are 11 Buys that will make your Connecticut yard the summer fun zone this year.

NOTE: I tried to keep the list as inexpensive as possible that way maybe we can afford a few of the items. I've learned from experience that my purchase ideas are not always popular with certain people. BUT, if I buy enough items I'm bound to hit the jackpot with one or two of them.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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