Put your hands up because it's almost open for the season. If you're ready to whiz through the Berkshires on 3,780 feet of track in your own car or double-up with someone this is a must on the longest mountain coaster in New England and the third longest in the country.

It's called the Thunderbolt Mountain Roller Coaster and whether you're alone or with someone, you control speed. Think of it as a combination alpine slide and roller coaster according to the Thunderbolt Mountain website. It takes riders up 1,580 feet of track toward the sky and through the forest before gravity takes over.

Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster via Facebook
Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster via Facebook

The 3,870 feet of downhill track will take you through swooping turns, banked corners, rolling drops, and 360° turns. If it becomes too much, each cart has its own braking system where you can slow things down a bit or accelerate to G-Force inducing levels.

This mountain roller coaster is at the Berkshire East Mountain Resort in the town of Charlemont, nestled in the Massachusetts region of the Berkshires but you don't have to be a guest of the resort to ride it.

Like I said, "Wheeeeeeee!"

Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster via Facebook
Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster via Facebook

No matter how you plan to tackle the Thunderbolt Mountain Roller Coaster get ready for opening day on May 25th with the season closure in November.

By the way, the two longest in the country are in New York at Lake Placid and in  Tennessee.

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