There are a few things around Connecticut that are pretty underrated.

I feel like we don't get enough attention on some things we really should. For example, a lot of the restaurants and spaces around Greater Danbury are underrated, in my opinion.

I also feel like there are many underrated restaurants around the entire state, but that's a conversation for another day. I was scrolling around on the internet when I came across a town that was named most underrated in Connecticut and it got me thinking.

We can argue that a lot of small towns around Connecticut are typically overlooked, but Today's Homeowner came out with a town not too far from Greater Danbury. What Connecticut town was deemed most underrated? I'm glad you asked. A town that has many historical places - Wilton.

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Now after looking into it, I never realized that Wilton was home to so many different historical attractions. According to the article, some historical sites around Wilton include Weir Farm National Historic Site, Philip Johnson's famous Glass House located down the road in New Canaan, and Richard T. Foster's rotating round house. Also, according to, there are 6 different historic districts in the town. If you would like to see many different parts of history, this is a great town to go to.

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I love finding out new things about many overlooked towns in Connecticut. I feel like we hear about the same places over and over, but what about those unique ones that don't get as much attention? I'm glad we're able to highlight it.

Now if we're talking most underrated in Greater Danbury, I feel like I may have to go with New Milford. Which would you say?

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