It seems like every time I stop into my local Stewart's Shop, I find something new to try out. This time around I hit the milk cooler pretty hard and after, I realized that they have more flavors of milk than I even knew existed.

If you can't tell I'm personally a huge fan of Stewart's, I think in an average week I stop into the Poughkeepsie store at least 3 times a week. They not only have just everything I need but the people that work there are always so nice.

Stewart's is well known in the area for ice cream flavors, coffee, snacks, and of course milk. With them having roots in the dairy business it should come as no surprise that they have some interesting milk flavors that if you haven't tried yet, you might want to try soon.

After stopping at the Stewart's in Hopewell Junction the other day I walked out wondering if I'm the only person that didn't know that they have a huge selection of milk flavors that I don't think any other stores in the Hudson Valley carry.

Last year I remember telling everyone about their peanut butter chocolate milk but didn't realize that was just the beginning as you'll see below...LOL! Before you scroll down to see all of their milk flavors let me share a fun Stewarts fact.


Stewart Shops carry a holiday favorite year-round!!!

In the colder winter months, there are two drinks I look forward to drinking, hot chocolate, and eggnog! Hot chocolate, you can find year-round but eggnog normally can only be found from like October through January at most stores. Not Stewart's, they carry eggnog year round!!

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