I love exploring Main Street America, a town or city's central avenue, where the municipality government offices and services typically are located, there's usually a nice concentration of local businesses within walking distance.

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The older and lazier I get, I like to park my vehicle in one spot, and visit a variety of businesses in the space of a couple of city blocks. Malls and outdoor living centers are still great for that, but a few cities and towns in Connecticut have superb Main Streets that offer local merchants, experiences, arts & entertainment that the malls can't. Here are a few of my favorites.

The 5 Most Entertaining and Walkable Main Streets in Connecticut

Music, art, food, nightlife, shopping, all within 1,000 walkable feet of each other. Most main Streets in Connecticut are packed, but some are compact enough to enjoy a safe stroll between stops, here are my suggestions of the 5 most entertaining and walkable Main Streets here in Connecticut

The Most Visually Stunning Places of Business In Connecticut

The Best Performing Arts Venues In Connecticut

There are many stages in Connecticut where you can watch someone dance, sing, or act, some do it better than others. just like the performers. Here's the 10 best performing arts venues in Connecticut


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