Here's another new song not only making its debut on KICKS 105.5 this week but it is flying up the country charts. "Drinkin' Problem" is a song by Midland, a band from, are  you ready for this? Dripping Springs, Texas! According the the band's website,, this trio is friends first, bandmates second. Singer Mark Wystrach, lead guitarist Jess Carson and bass player Cameron Duddy, "Midland is the embodiment of Seventies California country, all smooth Eagles harmonies and heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics."  Well, wow, I'm hooked just by that alone. They are  currently touring with Kenny Chesney, ok twist my arm even more now!

Check out some lyrics:

People say I've got a drinkin' problem
That ain't no reason to stop
People saying that I've hit rock bottom
Just cause I'm living on the rocks
It's a broken hearted thinkin' problem
So pull one more bottle off the wall
People say I got a drinkin' problem
But I got no problem drinkin' at all

And if you can't wait to hear the single on KICKS 105.5, you can check it out right here:

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