Middletown School District is partnering with phone pouch company Yondr to enforce the existing cell phone policy.

I graduated from high school nearly 30 years ago (yikes! I feel old just thinking about that), and throughout high school, cell phone use was never an issue, because it wasn't really much of a thing at the time. Nobody really had one yet. But nowadays of course everyone has one, and we all spend way too much time on it.

Imagine being in school, and being told that you had to keep your phone locked away in a pouch for the day. No right? What if there is a family emergency and someone needs to reach you? There is no way I'm locking my phone away for an extended period of time. But this is just my opinion. At one Middletown, NY school, you don't have a choice.

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Strict 'No Cell Phone' Policy for Middletown School District

Last year, it was announced that Middletown, NY Schools Set a Strict 'No Cell Phone' Policy for the 2022-2023 School Year. The police required students to turn off and put away their cell phones for the day so that the school could provide "an optimal academic-focused environment." Well, it's safe to say that the policy hasn't worked out great so far.

Middletown School District Enforcing 'No Cell Phone' Policy

As of Tuesday, March 2, Middletown Schools have instituted a partnership to "Strengthen" their existing cell phone policy of having a phone-free, academically focused campus by partnering with the company Yondr. The company makes mobile phone pouches that close with a magnetic lock. Yondr leases these products to schools which understandably sparks backlash from students.

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Unfortunately, the Middletown School District monitors its Facebook page and comments, so we are unable to see what would likely be a lot of negative comments regarding the policy. Just how will this work out? Will the addition of the mobile phone pouches work for the Middletown School District? That's anyone's guess.

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