As retail prices for everything we use continue to rise, it's nearly impossible for any small business to survive, heritage businesses are falling every day. Here we go again, the only grocery store in Middlebury, Connecticut is the latest to call it quits.

Dinova's Four Corners Grocery Store has announced on their social media that they will be permanently closing their doors, and a 25% off liquidation sale off of everything in the store, excluding booze and cigarettes, has already started. Most of the social media comments are from heartbroken families who have shopped at both the current and former locations of Four Corners going back generations, and follow up with well wishes to enjoy retirement. I just spoke with Middlebury Selectman Jennifer Mahr, who filled me in that the community is stunned, and that the store that is rumored to be coming to take over is a new concept from Dollar General named DG Market.


This will be only the second DG Market in Connecticut, the first is located at 125 Westbrook Road in Essex. The Essex store was also a small grocery store before DG stepped in, it was named Colonial Fresh Market. DG Market carries an expanded selection of fresh food compared to the typical Dollar General Stores nearby in Waterbury, Woodbury, and Morris.

Does that ease the pain of losing a neighborhood grocery store that owned the land for over 80 years? Somewhat? I've purchased shelf-stable items at dollar stores over the years, but beef or chicken? No. Get ready LaBonne's in Watertown and Woodbury, and Shop Rite and Stop & Shop in Southbury, I think you're going to have some new customers over the next few weeks. And I said it to Selectman Mahr this morning - Here comes the push for Trader Joe's in Middlebury.

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