I know what you're thinking - "Where's the snow?" Well, we are all wondering the same thing.

As you can imagine, there is a skeletal staff at the radio station when Snowmageddon is predicted. While those of us who are on-the-air take bets on who will be left at closing time, we gather the necessary information that you, our listener, is looking for. Once again, I went straight to the source, our meteorologist, Bill Jacquemin. The email exchange kinda went something like this:

To: Bill Jacquemin  From: Linda G.  Date: 3/21/18  Re: Where's the snow?     Message: Hey Bill, what's the deal?

To: Linda G. From: Bill Jacquemin  Date: 3/21/18  Re: Re: Where's the snow?     Message: Wait for it, wait for it...

I have pretty much felt all day that the storm is lurking, just waiting there until we least expect it and then BAM! But if you want a more professional take on it, this is from Bill's Facebook page:

Our latest nor'easter is developing off the New Jersey coast but the dry and cold air that worked in last night is holding tight and as a result, the precipitation shield is having a tough time moving northward. I do expect that as the storm strengthens off the New Jersey coast in the next 3-6 hours, that a push of moisture will bring the snow shield northward over all of Connecticut. The snow will fall through the late afternoon and on into tonight and it will be moderate to heavy at times, especially along the shore. As the storm slowly moves away, the snow will taper to snow showers by dawn. The winds will remain strong overnight, gusting to 30-40 mph inland and 35-45 mph along the shore. Snowfall amounts will be greatest along the shore, where the deepest moisture will remain. Snowfall along the shore will be 8-12 inches and inland along the I-84 corridor we should see 4-8 inches and in northern Connecticut I expect only 2-5 inches with the least in northwest CT with the higher amounts in northeastern CT. This is a challenging storm to forecast. -Bill Jacquemin, Meteorologist

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