A man named Isaac Larian along with two others have put up $200 million of their own money to save some 400 Toys R Us stores that will close soon. It's not all of the stores closing but a good percentage of them. He created a GoFundMe page that’s trending and is raising additional money needed for his goal of saving the stores according to CNN.

Issac Larian is the CEO of MGA Entertainment, which is the world's largest privately-owned toy company. MGA Entertainment makes Bratz dolls and Little Tikes toys among other toys.

People feel so passionately about the brand that donations are coming in quickly. In two days time the total is up to over $200,044,000.

Larian was quoted as saying:

This is an American icon that has to be saved…I used to take my kids there instead of Disneyland. This needs to be saved for the next generation.

The CEO has set a goal of raising the needed funds of $1 Billion by the end of May which he hopes will be a suffiecient amount to win bankruptcy court approval to buy the stores and the brand.

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