It’s no surprise the two richest guys in the state of Connecticut are also on the brand new Forbes list of richest people in the world. Ray Dalio and Steve Cohen are hedge fund billionaires who live Greenwich, and make the list as numbers 54 and 92 respectively.

Also on the list, but not quite as high on it as the Greenwich set of billionaires, is Danbury’s own Dr. Peter Buck, who attributes his Net Worth of $2.5 billion, to being the co-founder of Subway Restaurants.

We learn on Subway's website that Peter opened the very first Subway in Bridgeport, back in August, 1965 with his friend Fred DeLuca to pay college tuition. The sub shop was called Pete’s Super Submarines, which sold 312 sandwiches the first day. Back then, the subs cost anywhere from $0.49 to $0.69 cents each.

With the success of the Bridgeport sandwhich shop, the two decided to franchise other stores, the first of which opened in Wallingford. The franchise locations soon became known as "Subway" restaurants.

The Subway world headquarters is now located in Milford, CT, and oversees 44,834 restaurants in 112 countries, according to the corporate website. But to this day, Peter Buck calls our fair city of Danbury home!

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