One of the stars of Mean Girls is bringing the world premiere of his comedy 'Italian Mom Loves You' to the epicenter of where Italian moms truly love you in Connecticut - Waterbury, this August.

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Daniel Franzese is an American actor, comedian, and activist, originally from Bensonhurst in the City. You know him from his roles as Damian in Mean Girls, and his classic lines "You go Glen Coco!" and "She doesn't even go here!". Franzese is an accomplished actor, you've seen him in the HBO series Looking, Larry Clarke's disturbing 2001 film Bully, CSI, Party Down, and was one of the stars of the remake of the legendary cult classic I Spit on Your Grave.

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Franzese has been creating and touring with his live comedy shows and one-man performances for years, and he's created a character inspired by and in tribute to his own Italian-American mother that he's dubbed Italian Mom. Here's a video of Franzese performing as Italian Mom that was just posted on YouTube.

Franzese knows his target audience, and he's bringing the world premiere of his new comedy 'Italian Mom Loves You!' to Waterbury's Seven Angels Theater August 12 - 21, 2022. According to, "Italian Mom Loves You!" was co-written by Connecticut playwright Jacques Lamarre, and it's promised to be a laugh and love-filled tribute to Italian-Americans and mothers everywhere.

Did you watch 'The Downstairs Lady Gives Me Agita' above? It sounds like Highland Ave during the OLMC Feast in July. I'll bet it will be a great show, Franzese is very talented, and Seven Angels Theater continues to work hard to bring relevant artists and their beautiful art to Waterbury and all of Connecticut.

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