You know the ice cream is good at Dr Mike’s Ice Cream on Greenwood Avenue in Bethel if Martha Stewart makes a point of stopping by for a scoop or two, as she did just the other day. Her visit was reported by the Newtown Bethel Daily Voice yesterday.

Dr. Mike’s Ice Cream Shops Facebook Page read:

We've enjoyed lots of celebrity sightings at the store during our 42-year run. Meg Ryan used to drop by when she returned home to Bethel to visit family, and singer Daryl Hall would hum his music to pass the time while waiting in line. This weekend we were happy to welcome Martha Stewart and her friends. We hope they enjoyed their ice cream.

I’m sure they did, because it’s not only the DJs at KICKS 105.5 who love their ice cream, the says Mike's has:

 gotten critical acclaim from virtually every important   food journal and website, {and}… a parade of entrepreneurs promising to make Dr. Mike's a name as lucrative as Ben & Jerry's.

As always we say, Martha has excellent taste.

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