While we're still social distancing, it's good to be Martha Stewart. She not only didn't have to travel to the supermarket the other day, she got a personal delivery from none other then Stew Leonard Jr.

About a month ago Martha was craving a hot dog from her favorite hot dog joint, Rawley's in Fairfield. It's a place she has even featured on her show, but after she reluctantly ventured out and made the trek there, the place was closed. So now, as she remains in quarantine, she's not taking any chances, and is having her food delivered.

According to Stew Leonard's Facebook page, Martha put in an order for some fresh fish and fruits, and got the food delivered to her Westchester home. When the delivery driver pulled up, it was none other then her old friend Stew Leonard Jr.

The two have had a long friendship, they actually both were neighbors in Westport for awhile too.

Martha commented on what she and the special delivery boy talked about on her instagram page:

Stew and I commiserated about the fate of so many millions of people It was nice to see him, to offer him an espresso , and to receive such gifts for Mother’s Day!!!

So while many of us either have to go inside the grocery store, or use an online ordering app, when your someone like Martha Stewart, you get the royal treatment.

Here's the video of this celebrity delivery:

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