Danbury Mayor Mark Bougton won a record tenth term in Danbury, CT Tuesday (November 5).

Boughton defeated Democratic challenger Chris Setaro in what appears to have been a very close race, with Boughton earning 8,598 votes to Setaro’s 7,372, according to very early poll results.

In a campaign that was sometimes contentious, Boughton stayed on message, citing the cities low crime rates and high quality of life metrics both on a state and national level.

The Mayor will join the Ethan and Lou Show tomorrow and we will find out what he thought of the re-election bid, what he thought of Setaro's campaign and what new and exciting things are in store the residents of Danbury, CT.

Personally, I'm stoked it's over. It will be good to put politics in the rear view mirror for this year at least. It's been a eye-opening learning experience for us. In deciding to give both men a forum, each week to discuss local issues leading up to the election, Ethan and I learned so much. We learned that politics is not for us -- not at all.

It was a job well done by Chris Setaro and all involved in his campaign. Best of luck, Mayor Mark, and congratulations.

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