It's a 38' statue of Uncle Sam that was once a very popular attraction at the Great Danbury State Fair. Then the statue was purchased by a Lake George, NY amusement park in 1981 and has been in Lake George all these years until just recently.

The city of Danbury bought the statue back and brought it home. For months, Danbury residents have been wondering, when will it go up? Well, a couple of things are holding it up. The first is that a home has yet to be determined for Sam, according to Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. The second is the restoration that is taking place right now.

The Danbury Public Works Department posted pictures on social media yesterday of the statue being moved to Harwington. The person responsible for restoring Uncle Sam says he needs a face lift:

While ALL of Uncle Sam needs some work, the vendor responsible for refurbishing him says his face isn't right. The vendor found that the statue once had a different face, saying that the old face had "some crazy eyes." The current face was built over newspaper:

Let me see if I got this straight: Back when Uncle Sam was at the Danbury Fair, it had a different face than it does now. That face featured "crazy eyes." Somewhere along the line, while living in Lake George, someone tried to fix the face with newspaper. Now we got it back, are trying to fix it, get it back to "crazy eyes" status and find somewhere to put it.

I think I got it, but if you are still confused here is what Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton had to say about it on the radio this morning:

After listening back to my own interview with Mark, it's clear to me I had almost nothing right. Why should today be any different than yesterday?

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