A North Salem man is suing Costco after an accident that occurred in their Brookfield, CT store on Federal Road.

According to Law.com, a lawsuit was filed yesterday (October 17) at the United States District Court in Hartford claiming that 62-year-old Peter Aurigemma Jr. was struck by a steel rod as he was reaching for paper towels at the top of a display.

The suit claims that Costco "created an unsafe, dangerous, or defective condition on their premises by leaving or placing a steel rod in a location trafficked by customers that could not be detected by plaintiff, or other customers."

The 7-page document goes on to explain that on October 29, 2016, a 40 inch long, 3 inch wide steel rod that had been placed at the top of a 7 to 8 feet high self-service display fell and hit Aurigemma above his left eye. The trauma caused various injuries including irreversible brain damage, a concussion, nerve and muscle damage, neurological issues, migraine headaches, and problems with mood and behavior.

The lawsuit also claims lost wages and the risk of future neurological and mental problems. Aurigemma is seeking $75,000 in damages.

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