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Over the last few months we've all heard about the staffing shortages that many businesses are facing. From restaurants, to retail almost every place of business is facing some sort of shortage, including many schools across New York State.

The bus driver shortages many school districts are facing have been well documented over the last few months, but what about teachers?

Are schools having any issues with having enough teachers to teach our children?

Yes, many schools are reporting that they are having an extremely hard time finding substitute teachers according to News 10. The shortages has forced one New York School to release a public plea for help.

The Mechanicville City School District, located north of the Hudson Valley, is officially asking the area for help to find much needed substitute teachers. The Superintendent of the Mechanicville City School District Bruce Potter told News 10 that, "It’s a perfect storm in a negative way."

Potter explained that the problems started when school districts received COVID relief funds to hire more teachers, which many schools did, but hiring new teachers has caused "the pool of substitutes to dry up." Potter added that if you also include teacher absence's to the equation, because of having to quarantine or illness, you’ve got that perfect storm.

How much money do substitute teachers earn?

The school district is offering any certified/licensed teacher $125 per day to fill in when needed. They are also offering $100 a day for any non-certified substitute, those candidates must have a high school diploma or GED, they must pass a background check.

Potter also added that the school would also provide training, detailed lesson plans and instructions for anyone interested, "The lesson plans would be there, the resources, books, what have you would be available, and they would take attendance and give the students the instructions per the request of the classroom teacher." If you know anyone that lives up north and might be interested, have them contact Cathy O’Brien via email at cobrien@mechanicville.org.

Are Hudson Valley schools experiencing the same type of shortages? If you work for a school and would like us to include your school in the list of schools looking for help, please leave a comment below.

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