Luke Combs is still enjoying the success of his major label debut This One's For You, which produced two back-to-back chart toppers with "Hurricane" and "When It Rains It Pours"—but that isn't stopping him from performing some brand new tunes. During a recent concert, the North Carolina native debuted a new song called "Moon Over Mexico."

On the stripped-down ballad, Combs reminisces about a magical night on the beach in Mexico. Knowing he can't go back, it doesn't stop him from dreaming of his special evening with a woman where a spark turned into a flame.

"I still see your blue, sky blue eyes," Combs sings at the song's start alone on acoustic guitar. His deep voice wavers as his lyrics paint the vivid picture of "salt on the rim" and "sand on the skin" during a romantic beachfront night.

Later, he's accompanied mid-song by pedal steel which gives the already nostalgic song some more emotion alongside Combs' raspy vocals and descriptive lyrics.

"The second I left I was cheatin' myself because I knew I should have stayed/whatever that buzz was I ain't felt it since but I can't seem to let it go," he croons.

"Moon Over Mexico" isn't the first taste of new music from Combs. The singer has been playing another tune called "Beer Never Broke My Heart" that has a much different feel. Singing of all the things that have disappointed him, he later asserts, "A longneck iced cold beer never broke my heart."

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