Okay, just in case you haven't heard the news yet: Luke Bryan got his wife, Caroline, a pair of baby kangaroos for a Christmas present (let's not get into that; let's just leave that right here). If you're wondering how the wildlife are doing, it appears the two beasts have settled nicely into the Bryan household.

Caroline updated fans with a post on Instagram Dec. 26, assuring everyone that "Margo" and "Todd" are "adjusting perfectly." The two kangaroos--prudently dressed in diapers--are shown lounging in front of the fireplace, apparently enjoying the good life on Boxing Day.

Although Caroline seemed shocked at receiving the little 'roos, the animals join a growing menagerie
— and one with a purpose: Caroline has been working hard this year on a special project called Brett's Barn, named in honor of Sadie Brett, the couple's baby niece who succumbed to heart and organ troubles earlier this year. Caroline promised Brett a white pony shortly after she was born, and she's been channeling that promise into Brett's Barn with an eye toward partnering with local charities to bring kids out to see the animals.

So far, the Bryans have collected a goat named Little Luke, a pig named Jimmy Dean, two mini horses named Bumble and Kilo, and another goat named Goober Goldsby, or GG for short. Margo and Todd are clearly in good (and varied!) company.

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