Becoming royalty in the United Kingdom isn’t usually this easy, but recently, it was announced that everyone in Scotland, Connecticut will become nobility.

According to Business Insider, a land preservation company in Scotland, UK issued tiny land parcels to the people of the small Connecticut town to honor the town’s Scottish founder, Issac Magoon, who named it after his motherland in 1700. Scotland, Connecticut even hosts an annual Highland Festival to celebrate it's unique history.

Normally, the company sells forest land in several different sizes, so developers can’t access the plots. These small parcels of land that are being given out will help preserve the forest land, and also bestows each owner with the title of “Lord” or “Lady” of Glencoe. The company giving out the land is called Highland Titles, and they’re awarding all 1,694 town residents with one square foot of land on its nature reserve in Glencoe Wood, Scotland.

I’m wondering if there will be any royal weddings in Scotland, Connecticut, that is, this spring or summer?

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