Luke Bryan will look a little different on tour from now on thanks to one small change: his jeans. The country singer tells Bobby Bones in an interview that he has chosen to go with looser-fitting jeans going forward.

During the interview, Bryan jokes about his jean choice and his reason for making the change.

"I did go to a looser jean this year. Because I just got tired of like, 'Tight Pants Luke Bryan Brings Show to Hoboken.' Is like everybody here just to see my dance? Nobody wants to hear my vocal quality."

Bryan's tight pants has always been a topic of conversation and somewhat of a laughing matter for the star. The star even laughed about his tight jeans during an appearance on the Ellen ShowOver the years, his jeans have become just another part of his style and flair.

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It's doubtful Bryan's looser jeans will make any difference to his loyal fans as he wraps up his Huntin', Fishin', & Lovin' Every Day Tour over the next few weeks. Bryan kicks off his annual Farm Tour on Sept 28.

Bryan's interview with Bobby Bones took place as part of Joy Week, during which Bones generates donations for charity from fans. Bones says the idea came to him when his mom was fighting cancer. This year, the event brought in $50,000 for St. Jude's Children's Hospital and an additional $250,000 for the Red Cross to help with Hurricane Harvey efforts.

Along with the interview, Bryan performed live in the studio and premiered his brand-new song, "Light It Up," for listeners.

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